Do you want to work on a social cause and upgrade your knowledge of media and information literacy? Are you interested in topics such as “Greenwashing”, “Media literacy and the new way of journalism to fight against fake news”, “Equality” and “Animal rights”? Do you want to find solutions to real cases of international companies and organizations working in these fields?

The IN-EDU project gives the participants, who took part in the IN-EDU civic hackathons on media and information literacy, conducted in Bulgaria, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia, the opportunity to do all that by joining the student camp in an international team with peers from the 4 European countries. You will get acquainted with foreign cultures, work together on tasks and last but not least - have fun! Additionally, you will have the chance to meet Public Policy and Government Affairs at Google Italia - Diego Ciulli, as well as to get knowledge and practical tools, which will help you produce your own ‘viral video’.

The camp will take place online on 14th and 15th of May and will give you an overview and answers to questions such as “What are the consequences of green-washing and how to make sure if a company is truly environmentally friendly?”, “What is the new way of journalism to fight against fake news?”, “How to protect the rights of animals with the aim of encouraging the development of compassion, solidarity and active participation in society?” and “How to fight digital addiction and the “fear of missing out”?”

In addition to the experience of working in a real environment and the certificate for working on a social cause, the IN-EDU team has prepared for you prizes and surprises! Participate to find out what are they. 

*Please, bear in mind that the number of participants is limited. No more than 10 participants per country could take part.*