FORMA.Azione is an LLC based in Perugia (IT), specialized in Vocational Training Services. Its mission is to create concrete opportunities for the professionals and social development of the different target groups. The main areas of works are those related to Quality Assurance in VET and Adult learning, ECEC sector, Gender Equality, Career Guidance for youth and adults at risk of marginalisation. FORMA.Azione maintains profitable relationships with VET, Public-Local Authorities, Social Partners, SMEs, University, Schools, Public and private employment services. FORMA.Azione is also a member of EfVET network, delivered the Eurodesk Centre in Perugia (2017-19) and in 2017 became the contact point for the No Hate Speech Movement in Umbria.

Sofia Development Association (SDA)

Sofia Development Association (SDA) is a resource centre for research, analyses, innovations and experiment, which creates conditions and encourages the constant dialogue between civil society, business, Sofia Municipality and academic institutions. The Association was established by Sofia Municipal Council Resolution № 348 as of 08.07.2010. It is an independent organization, registered by the Sofia City Court on 16.08.2010, company case 495/2010, in public benefit under the Not-for-Profit Legal Entities Act. The Association started its work as a centre for debate of municipal policies mainly in the field of culture, but during the last 6 years it established itself not only as an innovation hub, but also as an active participant in the formulation and implementation of a number of public policies, the introduction of innovation and investment in human capital.

Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights – Osijek

Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights – Osijek is an NGO focused on building of peace, protection and promotion of human rights and freedoms, and on the promotion of creative methods of conflict resolution at the individual, group, and political level. It implements projects in three strategic areas: rule of law and human rights, culture of non-violence and building of peace, democracy and community development. Main activities of the Centre for Peace include providing legal aid to marginalised and socially deprived groups, work on advocating the implementation of antidiscrimination policies and principles of good governance.

ITET “Aldo Capitini”

ITET “Aldo Capitini” Institute is a secondary school situated in a modern building out of the old town; its history is very old because it is 150 years old and has an ancient tradition in the community and territory of Perugia; its name, in fact, refers to the local philosopher and writer Aldo Capitini, famous for his values of nonviolence and liberal ideas which considered the education and the freedom the milestones of his thought. The school is a technical school and students, age from 14 to 18, after 5 years take a diploma: then they can choose between working as technician, surveyor, bookkeeper or attending University. Aldo Capitini mission is to promote the inclusion among people and students of different targets, to be open to the local community and promote values of cooperation and challenges for training aware citizens.

IREX Europe

IREX Europe is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation registered as an association in France. We work to improve education, strengthen independent media, reduce conflict, and support democracy and human rights. The IREX Europe approach emphasises partnerships with local development organisations and provides training and capacity building in order to create sustainable change.

PRIZMA Foundation for Improvement of Employment Possibilities

PRIZMA Foundation for Improvement of Employment Possibilities (PRIZMA Foundation) is a Non-Profit Organization funded in 2000. PRIZMA has experiences in developing & delivering comprehensive trainings for individuals & youth, companies/organisations, planning and career development, planning of policies and programs of human resource development, state-of-the-art surveys, international partnership co-ordination, integration of different stakeholders, organizing & executing of events.

DZZD "Obuchenie"

DZZD "Obuchenie" is a company established under the Obligations and Contracts Act. Its main purpose is to provide teacher training and the creation of educational electronic content. In its over 10 years of existence, over 4000 teachers have been trained in specialized courses for the use of information and communication technologies and media in the educational process, with an average number of trainees in a year being about 300-350 people.
Lecturers of the courses conducted by the Education and Training Center are school and university lecturers, textbooks and teaching materials' authors, as well as experts from the IT sector.
The company has its own training center, located in Sofia, which has 20 workstations with desktop computer systems, mobile projection screen, interactive display, scanner, black and white laser printer, color photo printer, high speed internet.
Over the years the Company has been an organizer and co-organizer of a number of seminars and conferences for teachers all over the country with partners from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", Regional Education Offices, schools and companies from the IT sector.
DZZD "Obuchenie" has created 10 different educational software products, consistent with the curricula of MES. It has published 3 independent books of its lecturers, related to the trainings conducted.

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