Last Thursday the 20th of February 2020, and today the 24th in the afternoon, Cinzia Spogli, teacher at ITET Capitini and Sylvia Liuti from FORMA.Azione have been both trainers for the IN-EDU Engagement Programme at the newly-recruited teachers training course. Thanks to the invitation by Fabiana Cruciani, the coordinator of the training programme for newly teachers , currently under implementation in Umbria, IN-EDU Italian partners had the opportunity to deliver a shortened version of the teachers’ training activity defined within the IN-EDU project, so to immediately engage them as active promoters of both the project activities and, in general, of Media and Information literacy in their classes.

More than 60 teachers have been present and actively participating, asking for questions on specific themes, like how to combat stereotypes in education and raising awareness of students about fake news and media literacy.

These teachers, working in the upper as well as lower secondary schools will be now ready to start planning possible lessons and laboratories, according to the 10 lesson plans developed within IN-EDU and downloadable from the project website.

A very important unexpected opportunity to not only increase and diversify the number of direct beneficiaries of the training, but also to further spread among several schools and students the importance of media and information literacy, for improving critical thinking and the capacity to better manage students' online presence and reputation.