Last week was a very busy one for the team of the IN-EDU project in Italy who was involved in a series of meetings with policy makers, schools and businesses. It started with the Perugia City Counsellor for Culture Leonardo Varasano, who positively welcomed the project and gave the support of the Municipality for its implementation in cooperation with the public libraries of the city represented at the meeting by Gabriele De Veris. Partners then met the headmaster and the delegate for digital of the Istituto Istruzione Superiore Artistica Classica Professionale in Orvieto (PG) – an area of the region at risk of isolation for the difficult connections with the two main cities of Perugia and Terni – to engage the school in the IN-EDU Engagement programme, including the training for teachers, the learning activities with students and parents and the civic hackathon in 2020. The school was enthusiast about the proposal because the topics are very relevant for the school population. Last but not least, the team has had the opportunity to discuss of the project with one of the leading companies in the digital sector that is originally from Umbria region who has expressed its interest in supporting the organization of the Civic Hackathon. Stay tuned for more updates on the company and on the other actors involved!