The first media and information literacy training under the IN EDU project took place the 1-3 October in Osijek, Croatia. This training of trainers brought together 23 participants from Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Italy and Slovenia with backgrounds in teaching, training, psychology, journalism and project management. The participants spent three days learning about media literacy theory, teaching tips and reviewing the curriculum lesson plans developed by IREX Europe and the French media literacy organisation Savoir*Devenir.

The training was conducted by Irma Velez, expert in media and information literacy from the Sorbonne University in Paris and member of Savoir*Devenir.

During the three days, participants also developed a training programme to be used to train teachers in each of their countries and will now go on to run their own training sessions in their local communities. Classes on Media Literacy will then be incorporated into classes in local schools, with the curriculum having the flexibility to allow teachers to pick and choose the topics they teach and fit them within their own school curricula.

Training for local teachers will run from December 2019 - January 2020. Teachers will be encouraged to begin using the curriculum as soon as possible and will also be involved in preparations for the Civic Hackathons which will be organized later in the year.