On the 7th and the 8th February 2019, the IN-EDU project’s kick-off meeting took place in the FORMA.Azione srl headquarters, Perugia (IT). The meeting represented the very occasion in which the seven partners met for the first time, with the aim of working on this new project. Since the beginning, a climate of mutual understanding, trust and esteem has facilitated the two-day activity and the whole process, thus leading the partners towards the shaping of the most suitable implementation strategy.

The professionals that participated in the meeting were Sylvia Liuti and Riccardo Fanò Illic (FORMA.Azione srl, Perugia, IT), Sevdalina Voynova and Denitsa Lozanova (SDA, Sofia, BG), Angel Čabarkapa and Ana Roksandić (Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights, Osijek, HR), Natalija Žunko (Fundacija PRIZMA, Ustanova, SLO), Ivalio Ivanov and Plamen Petrov (DZZD “Obuchenie”, BG), Cinzia Spogli and Rosa Coppola (Istituto Tecnico Economico Tecnologico “Aldo Capitini”, Perugia, I) and Victoria Stephens (IREX Europe, Lyon, F).
After a brief (yet detailed) presentation of the project itself, each partner has introduced itself, its team, its inner organization and, lastly, the ongoing projects in which they are involved in. After this preliminary phase, the focus changed towards the target groups that will benefit from IN EDU, hence remarking, once again, the ambition of the project. With respect to this, the following numbers are estimated: 18,500 beneficiaries (not only direct ones), 3,500 teachers, 10,000 students, 4,000 parents and 1,200 stakeholders will benefit from the project!
Following an exciting co-designing phase in which all the pros and cons of the proposals have been sifted, the seven partners have agreed on next steps to carry out until the end of 2019 and on their deadlines. Lastly, the partners paved the way for the next meeting, that will take place in Osijek (HR) between September and October 2019 and that will represent the first international training session within IN EDU!