In Actions

Do you want to work on a social cause and upgrade your knowledge of media and information literacy? Are you interested in topics such as “Greenwashing”, “Media literacy and the new way of journalism to fight against fake news”, “Equality” and “Animal rights”? Do you want to find solutions to real cases of international companies and organizations working in these fields?

After the official opening of the Hackathon and the special welcome by the well-known in Hollywood Bulgarian actor Dimitar Marinov, the students immersed themselves in the topic of media literacy and its importance. They spent the next 4 days in meetings with inspiring mentors and hard work. On the finals, all 14 teams presented innovative solutions to the problems of fake news, online communication, hate speech, critical thinking and information chaos.

In addition to the opportunity for your team to win a prize fund of 9,000 euros, to implement a campaign and to help more people become information and media literate, each of you will receive another opportunity that is not to be missed. By participating in the Hackathon, you will become part of a mentoring program with well-known experts on the subject. And what is more important and useful than acquiring new knowledge and skills?

The first edition of the civic hackathon HackforInclusion is about to start online.

20 teams of students from Umbria, Sicily, Tuscany, Apulia and Lazio have been selected to compete on the 4 challenges launched by the civic hackathon in Italy, involving more than 120 participants including students and their tutors. On the 8-9 of January they will be working on designing awareness-raising campaigns targeting different groups within their communities, supported also by external mentors experienced in communication and digital tools.

The importance of media and information literacy is becoming increasingly recognized as we are faced with rapid social changes. The competencies of media and information literacy are crucial for every internet user as they help us in interaction with numerous information we receive every day.