In Actions

Sofia IN EDU team presented in front of stakeholders the project upcoming engagement programme during a meeting named Safe Childhood organized by National Children Network. 



SDA team is happy to have on board stakeholders from the Cyber Security Platform in order to further achieve IN EDU project goals. 

FORMA.Azione srl has organised 2 meetings with teachers representing schools from different areas in the Umbria region – having the chance to present the project to more than 25 professionals.



Now the project is coming alive, engaging key stakeholders at local level to inform about the activities and collect feedbacks and useful hints. Last 30th of May and 3rd of June FORMA.Azione Giove In Formatica and ITET Aldo Capitini Perugia met some of the most relevant stakeholders in Umbria on digital ploicies and awareness raising actions. 



The ICT competition “Big To Me” organized by 134 school Dimcho Debelianov on 20 April 2019 and supported by Sofia Municipality and Sofia Development Association was dedicated to digital media literacy. Students from 5, 6 and 7th grades competed in teams with their parents and proposed different project in order to raise awareness on media literacy and safe internet. The 5th grade students designed graphic signs for safe internet; the 6th grade took a media literacy quiz and then designed posters for a civic hackathon on the topic; the 7th grade students made a power point presentation showing results from a filled questionnaires on the topic.