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The importance of media and information literacy is becoming increasingly recognized as we are faced with rapid social changes. The competencies of media and information literacy are crucial for every internet user as they help us in interaction with numerous information we receive every day. 

Parents face a number of challenges as they raise and educate their children. In recent years, they have to prepare them for the difficulties that lie ahead not only in the real but also in the virtual world. Presence in it is an integral part of the daily lives of youths and elders and knowledge of media and information literacy is vital for civic and political participation. Today's world requires certain digital skills, and if parents do not take part in their development, they risk being cut off from both modernity and their children.

 Tuesday the 30th of June 2020,
Cathy La Torre
Live on Facebook on web dynamics and  how to protect victims of online violence and hate speech

Next Tuesday the 30th of June at 17.30 (CET), live on Facebook (, Cathy La Torre – Lawyer – Human Rights Activist, co-founder of the campaign “Odiare ti costa” and CEO of Wild Side Human First, winner of The Good Lobby Awards 2019 will guide us through the new online, sexist and violent frontiers, where youngsters are often unconscious victims of illegal trafficking of personal images and video.

Today’s digital era requires certain knowledge in the field of media and digital literacy. The crisis with COVID-19 in the recent months has shown us the great importance of the ability to communicate fully online, as well as to distinguish and counteract fake news. Sofia Development Association helps to improve these competencies among students, parents and teachers by conducting an online campaign consisting of videos with different messages on the topic of media literacy.

8 GIUGNO 2020
In occasione di Mirabilia 2030
Webinar per genitori nell’emergenza COVID-19
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